Proudly Insane: Two Medics looking to play some normal TF2 matches



Nikka and I have been playing MvM lately and need a break(well, at least I do), and we want to play some normal matches with some tumblr friends.
Add us, SonoftheSouth and nikka, and we’ll figure out what to do from there.

Oh thank you that’s really nice! I will give my best then we are playing together I still feel really new with the game and for me it is not a problem if we don’t play today anymore.

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    Oh no! I didn’t mean it that way and of course we will have fun :3 Why not I just stand up and still have enough time...
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    Don’t worry, we’re not assholes. ♥ We just enjoy playing. You don’t have to be the best goddamn player ever, as long as...